what are some unknown secret tricks you should know about youtube?

What are some unknown secret tricks you should know about youtube?

Youtube has one of the most popular new video website. youtube is the third most searching website. google and facebook is the first searching websites. In the youtube, every minute approximate 300 hours videos uploaded. I use to youtube everyday for watching video but I always search new features related to youtube. Well, today I told you some secret tricks about youtube. you want to popularity at the youtube you buy youtube views. and you become famous on the social media.

Youtube Instance- for a real-time video surfing

Feross Aboukhadijeh launched a real time video surfing in September 2010. The ferrous aboukhadijeh is the 19-years old college student. The real time video surfing allows to use very fast speed without any advertisement for uploaded video.the users will not search any related video or comments.

ytinstant.com sites provide very fast speed without advertisement. You can try it.

Extract an animated GIF-for youtube video

The animated GIF are created from youtube video is very simple. The users just need to word GIF before url and press enter.the user connect to another redirected site gifs.com

For example-user youtube URL is- www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxx then you need to put like as www.GIFyoutube.com/watch?v=xxxx

watch same youtube video again and again without manually replay-

Most people one song listen repeatedly more than one time. The trick is play video automatically replay in the sites.

The users are Replace YouTube keyword from URL with listening on repeat before the .com to watch it on repeat.

let your video URL is www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxx then change it to www.listenonrepeat.com/wat ch?v=xxxx.

Youtube video volume low? How to increase volume in youtube

The youtube users are always problem low video volume. Because the uploader uploaded video in low voice.the trick is to get low voice to high voice. The users just need to copy URL of YouTube video. and open VLC player and press ‘CTRL+N’, paste the video URL and play the video in vlc. The video voice is so high.the voice increase up to 200%.

Watch age restriction without login YouTube-

are you watching age restriction video in the youtube? These type video watching needs to log in. So I am giving a sort trick for watching age restriction types videos.

You remove the watching word from the video URL and replace the “v=” with “v/” and press enter.and enjoying restriction videos.

You can save videos to watch later

Many users are known as this features. First, we are providing the internet connectivity to the device . after the connectivity we are searching any videos on the youtube. then the video is playing and saves in you tube

We are pausing the video and connect the device from the internet.some times the videos are saved.then the videos are not required to the internet

Live stream video like Facebook Live-

The live stream video feature is old version but youtube added this feature directly in mobile app also. Very easy steps to start This features get more youtube views.

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